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While at the Village, children take a break from their rigorous routine of treatments. They take part in a variety of social and physical activities in a supportive environment under full medical care. Their time at the Village helps support their capacity for resilience, cope with their condition and improve their attitude towards their treatments.
We invite you to join Jordan River Village's family of donor who help us help thousands of children to celebrate life.

Jordan River Village was founded to provide children coping with chronic, genetic, and life-threatening diseases, and children with special needs the experience of a vacation, fun and creativity. There is no cost to the children on their families.

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Jordan River Village is a proud member of Paul Newman's SeriousFun Children's Network. As a Network member, Jordan River Village adheres to all its principles and guidelines including that no child or family pay to attend.

All activities at the Village are funded by donations. Each donation, no matter what size, enables us to welcome more campers and change the lives of more families.


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We see great importance in building meaningful and sustainable relationships with the business sector. Small and large corporations, from all sectors, support the work of Jordan River Village. These collaborations allow our corporate partners to have a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of sick children, Coping with chronic and difficult diseases.

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Young Ambassadors

As a young organization, we recognize that even though we have welcomed over 8000 children at the Village, there are still many families who are unaware of our work. No one can tell our story better then our campers and families. This is your opportunity to help us.


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In-Kind Donations

In kind gifts help us offset spending and provide items and supplies to our campers. Examples of generous contributions include books, electronics, cleaning products, art supplies, and photography equipment.

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Village Store - Online

At the Jordan River Village online store, you can find branded items which will help raise awareness of the Village's activities. All proceeds support activities at the Village.


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Interested in becoming a young ambassador at Jordan River Village? Wish to hold a fundraising event or to donate in other ways?
The sky is the limit!
Because of special donors like you ,we are able to give the gift of the fun an friendship of camp to thousands of children coping with chronic, genetic, and life-threatening diseases from across the country of every religious and ethnic background.


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Experiences at the Village have a long-term positive impact.

A recent study by the Yale University School of Medicine concluded that campers who attend any SeriousFun camp have improved confidence, higher self-esteem, lower illness-related stress, a greater sense of independence, and an increased interest in social activities. In addition, the entire family’s emotional well-being has been enhanced by the effects of a camper’s experiences.

Important - between 2012 (first full year of operation) and 2016 the number of sick children staying at the village has gone up by 236%, while our operational expenses have only grown by 30%.