Volunteering at Jordan River Village

Volunteering at Jordan River Village


Jordan River Village is a non-profit organization that uses volunteers extensively.

We welcome volunteers for many roles at the Village – doctors, nurses, counselors, workshop leaders, social workers, translators, kitchen workers, and more.

These volunteers reflect the diversity of Israel’s population, including young women and men, religious and secular, Jewish and Arab-Israeli, Hebrew and Arabic speakers, and ranging abilities. Despite the diversity, the goal of the program is to create a cohesive group that can learn from and support each other, and ultimately make a better camp for our campers.

Volunteers are the heart of the Village. The Village invests a great deal of effort recruiting, screening, interviewing, training, and supporting this group. We seek to bring on volunteers who believe in our work and have experience with children.

Thanks to our volunteers, we received the President’s Award for Volunteerism in 2014, from the former President Mr. Shimon Peres (z”l).

If you are 18 or older and are caring, sensitive, compassionate, and a hard-worker with an interest in making a difference, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING OUR VOLUNTEER TEAM.

All candidates who apply to volunteer must be vetted and screened by the Village staff. If accepted, each volunteer is then selected for a camp session based on his/her schedule and expertise as well as the needs for each session. Volunteers then attend a training which enhances their knowledge and skills while learning how to support campers and provide a safe and magical experience at the Village.

To volunteer at Jordan River Village, candidates must speak fluent Hebrew and or Arabic.

Phone number: 963 / 995 / 04-6608989 
Email: volunteer@jrv.org.il


Volunteer counselors

Special volunteering for special people

In order to ensure that no child ever has to pay to attend camp, the Village welcomes volunteers who are committed to the mission of the Village, is enthusiastic, and loves working with children.

Volunteer counselors play a critical role—ensuring that campers living with serious illnesses have a safe environment, a “magical” camp experience, and are fully supported.

For more information about volunteering, email us at volunteer@jrv.org.il

Medical Volunteers

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give” ( Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet”)


On campus, the Village has a state-of-the art Medical Center (”MediClub”) staffed 24/7 by specialized pediatric doctors and nurses. The MediClub team is able to administer medicine, address ongoing medical needs, and if necessary, provide emergency care.

In order to support our campers, we need a large cadre of caring medical volunteers who will stay for an entire camp session (3-6 days). Besides providing medical support, this opportunity will include some night shifts, and “on call” hours.

These volunteer opportunities are designed for medical staff only: doctors, qualified nurses, paramedics, and pharmacists.

For inquiries on the subject of the volunteering medical staff: yasminm@jrv.org.il

Year of Service

Special volunteering for special people

Year of Service & National Service at Jordan River Village

The core of our volunteers are the yearly teams made up of youngsters doing their Year of Service and National Service who serve at the Village from September through the following August. Team members live at the Village and provide assistance at all levels. Volunteering at Jordan River Village gives them the opportunity to meet a diverse group of children coping with chronic, genetic and life-threatening illnesses and children with disabilities and special needs. Working closely with the campers, these volunteers help them overcome their fears, open up and find new strengths within themselves. Joining the volunteer team each week are additional medical, social, and specialist volunteers from across Israel.

For inquiries about volunteering: volunteer@jrv.org.il

Other Volunteer Opportunities

The Village hosts various programs such as music, photography, culinary, and art workshops. These workshop enrich the children’s experiences and give them an opportunity to experience new activities.
We welcome volunteers with specific professional fields that can be integrated in a one-time or permanent workshop at the Village, e.g.: meditation, juggling, jewelry making, hair styling, and more. If you are willing to donate your time – Sign up and we will contact you soon.
You can also volunteer at the Village in the dining room and kitchen, grounds keeping, administrative work and more.

For inquiries about volunteering: volunteer@jrv.org.il

Volunteers stories

Lior Frivner

“In the village, there is a feeling of equality and belonging. They aren’t the only ones taking medication, who experience attacks. This framework allows them to see how one deals with the disease and it changes their perspective regarding their “illness”. I take the greatest value from the week, and I am sure that I will come back to volunteer at the village."

Alona Grenadier

“The Jordan Valley Village, may you haven’t heard of it, but when you’ve heard of it, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to know more. It’s a Garden of Eden full of smiles even it is only for a few days. Despite the intensiveness, you leave completely satisfied in education and giving. A place where it is possible to important…. And to create personal ties in such a short a period of time”.

Gal Benjo

“I was surprised by how many of these children are adults and think of everyone as person, it doesn’t matter who is, what disease he has, which language he speaks, if he is a guide, their age or not. They are simply happy to meet him. And this is a lofty value that transpires in the village, that isn’t obvious – the ability to see the person and not the illness”.

Yemima Kedar

“At least in the group that I was in for a week, Alona’s orange group, there was a direct meeting of very different layers of Israeli society: I, a religious girl who grew up in Gush Etzion, albeit in a “Labor” home, but still “over the green line”, together with an Arab Israeli girl…”

Hen Ilsar

“The irony is that I was given a group of children full of energy and joy of life, that the thing that bothered them most wasn’t the injections, the blood or medication, but what to pay first – soccer or backgammon or when they will go the pool already?”

Irina Pinhasovski

“Thank you, girl who promised she would never forget me, even when you didn’t know that I was the one who would never forget you. Thank you for trying to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Thank you for teaching the group to discover communal patience. Thank you for teaching us to accept the world with open arms and with the innocence that characterized you”.