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Jordan River Village

Jordan River Village in Israel is a unique overnight camp for children living with chronic, genetic or life-threatening diseases and children with special needs. The Village is located in the Lower Galilee, near Giv’at Avni. The Village is a fully-accessible 60 acre campus with 12 climate controlled cabins with safe rooms; an unobstrusive yet centrally located medical center; an arts & crafts center, a multi-purpose Dining Hall with a teaching kitchen, the only fully-accessible climbing wall and zip-line in Israel; the only indoor hydrotherapy pool in Northern Israel; a Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Room; a sports center, and a professional stage in the large versatile theater. Additionally, the Village includes outdoor camping facilities, horse corral, petting zoo, and an archery area. The Village provides a safe and unforgettable overnight camp experience, relying on a professional and dedicated staff and more than 1,000 yearly volunteers, including 20 full-time volunteers who live on campus, staff all of the camper sessions and all this is at no cost to children and family members.

Our campers range in age from 9-18 and live with one of 25 different conditions including, Cardiovascular Diseases, audiological disorders, chronic skin diseases, Cerebral Palsy, visually impaired and vision issues, Rheumatic Diseases, Severe Asthma, Cancer, Organ Transplants, Metabolic Diseases, Genetic Blood Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Epilepsy, Orthopedic and permanent injuries, life-threatening allergies, Dialysis Patients, Type 1 Diabetes, children with permanent breathing apparatus, and many others. 

Jordan River Village’s campers represent the full spectrum of Israeli society — including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, and Bedouins; wealthy and poor; religious and secular. We bring children together and focus not on what makes them different, but what makes them the same — living with a serious disease or disability. Many of our sessions are disease specific or combine conditions that are similar. 
The Village welcomes campers in three types of disease specific sessions: our flagship week-long sessions, family weekends, and sessions of children with disabilities who come to the Village with their schools — including their teachers and aides. Each session has between 48-64 children.

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Jordan River Village gives children who come here, magical days of fun and enjoyment. This is not a random game, or a passing entertainment of a playground or an amusement park, but a long and meaningful experience, full of excitement and laughter. Every moment in the day at the Village is carefully constructed, with the intention of creating unique experiences. For children living with serious illnesses or life limiting conditions, healing takes place on many levels, but doctors and medical interventions are only part of the process. Jordan River Village goes a step further; it replaces the isolation and sadness of having a serious illness with fun and friendship; it makes the dream of feeling like ever other child a reality, even if only for a few days.