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Jordan River Village

The Jordan River Village is a unique and unique holiday village in the State of Israel and the entire Middle East that provides an experiential, magical and safe vacation, suitable for children and teenagers dealing with life-threatening, chronic diseases, located in the Lower Galilee (near Givat Avni). The village covers an area of 245 acres with stunning and breathtaking views, including residential apartments for vacationers and staff, swimming pool, sports facilities, gym, theater hall, library, arts and crafts center, camping and extreme sports complex, administration and training building and state-of-the-art medical center. The village offers a safe and unforgettable holiday experience, which relies on a professional and dedicated training and medical staff and all this at no cost to children and family members.

The types of illnesses and the criteria for admission to vacation are determined by a special medical committee. The activities and leisure programs focus on the child himself and not on his illness. The goals of the activity in the village are – fun and enjoyment, experience of success, formation and receiving the opportunity to discover new worlds of content and skills. Children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 18 who suffer from severe genetic diseases from all sectors of the State of Israel (Jews – secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, Druze, Circassians, Muslims, Bedouin, Christians) and children from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza come to the village.

The common denominator for all is age and disease.

The activity of the village is made possible with the help of about 1000 volunteers every year (medical staff, social counselors, social workers, etc.), 20 volunteers of the year of service and national service who are the basis for training in the village and thanks to generosity The hearts of companies and corporations, private donors and foundations in Israel and abroad, who support this unique project, to provide life-changing experiences for children, who need it so much.
The village operates all year round, holds about 40 vacation cycles and offers 3 vacation routes.

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The Jordan River Village gives children, who come here all year round, a number of magical days of fun and enjoyment. This is not a random game, or a passing entertainment of a playground and an amusement park, but a long and deep experience, very exciting and full of laughter and tears. Every moment in the life of the village and its inhabitants is carefully constructed, with the intention of exhausting the moment to the end. The holiday children in the village are very special children. Their inner and emotional world includes complex and not easy experiences, often many years of their lives. Here, in the Jordan River village, during a holiday cycle they are children for everything – happy, sad, curious, afraid and daring alike, and above all – forge a very special bond between the givers and the recipients, and ultimately difficult to discern who gives and who receives.